About Us

The Development and Ability Organization(DAO)was founded in 2004.

DAO’s performance has been assessed by the Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society (AICS) against five categories including project management and program delivery, financial management, internal governance and strategic planning, external relations communication and outreach, and human DAO Activities. DAO met the certification standard and was successfully certified. In addition to the above, DAO has received a 'Best NGO Award' from the Islamic Government of Afghanistan's Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. Many letters of appreciation for our work have also been received from the Afghan Parliament and many other government and non-government organizations.

Our Mission

To work for a more inclusive society by raising public and governmental awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities while building capacity of the civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Persons with Disabilities Organizations (PDOs) through physical Rehabilitation Civic education, Mentoring, community Dialogue, vocational training and income generation programs.

Our Vision

People with disabilities will be physically empowered and mainstreamed into Afghan society working and living with self-determination. Civil society organizations will have the capacity to monitor government activities and hold them accountable to their obligations..

Our Objectives

In order to meet its mission and Vision, DAO has set the following objectives:
To advocate and raise awareness on disability rights.
To prevent disability.
To assist persons with disabilities economically through vocational training and income generation projects.

Our Future Plans

DAO intends to provide small size loans to persons with disabilities enabling them to support themselves and their families through the income they gained. DAO is also planning to provide vocational training for persons with disabilities so that they could learn a new skill and can gain income through the new skill they have acquired.

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